Sunday, January 29, 2012

Farm Wives

So the other day at the gym, I overheard this woman talking about how her husband wanted her to retire and work with him.  So what does he do--well he farms about 700 acres.  Bam!  At that point, I knew I had a bond with this woman.  Skip ahead 5 seconds and we were sharing stories about moving machinery around, burnt dinners, hauling hay, and a menagerie of other tales of what makes farm wife-life so exciting.  As I left, I thought how amazing is that in that brief second we had a rough idea of what each of us had been through (true I'm still a major green-hand), and immediately sympathised and respected the other.  Maybe its because not everybody can do it, and we kind of know that.  Maybe city-wives have the same type of bond as well--I really don't know.  About everyday though, I am blessed with this network of fabulous females, that understand and support each other.  Whether its in person (shout-out to my friends on spencer rd), on the web (, or just the ones at the cafe.  Its a true blessing!

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