Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SOUPer Recipe

So I came across this recipe in Taste of Home magazine and totally had to try it...so delicious!  And I had made fresh bread, so grilled cheese sandwiches were the bomb with it!  Sidebar:  I believe that the Devil dines on:  Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, homemade grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken fried chicken (with mashed potatoes--with gravy over everything), triple fudge brownies with cream cheese icing, etc etc....

You need:
1 lb browned sausage
1 jar pasta sauce (I used Ragu)
1 can rinsed/drained northern beans
1/2 of the pasta jar in water

I added:
1 grated carrot
chopped red onion
red wine

Add all ingredients in a pot, simmer.  And let me tell you--it is to die for...so good!  With the grilled cheese sandwiches, I'm talking the kind you pull apart and the cheese strings between the pieces, it was ummmm good!

Random fact--J and I both highly dislike roast and pepperoni pizza. Its fabulous, if I had to make roast I wouldn't have the slightest idea how, and if he had to have a pepperoni pizza, I'd have to fix something for me.  But God put us together for various reasons--and I add these 2 to the list  :-)

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  1. Sounds good and you could vary the flavor by the kind of pasta sauce. You are quite a cook!