Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet Queenie!

So J's Dad bought a heifer at a sale in Kingman...she's real cute...and of course I had to name her  :-)  Since she came from Kingman--I figured Queenie fit just right  :-)

Here she is:

And since she just came from the sale, her face is still manicured looking.  I had no idea that they take a blow torch and singe the hair around the face on the cattle before a sale to make them prettier--seems pretty crazy to me!  LOL

So I started whispering to her the other night and she gave me "you is a crazy woman" look.  But then last night I was out checking on the calves and walked by the cattle pen and who was the first heifer to come say hi--Queenie!  She ate right out of my hand!  Ahh--she might be my bovine-mate  :-)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh the Little Ones Are Angels...Or Are They?

So I teach Sunday school at my church in the Pre-k/K room, and 90% of the time, its fabulous!  I love the little ones and their crazy take on stories or the lesson for the day.  The woman who co-teaches with me is great--we have a great balance and take things in stride.  Well except for this year.  This year has been the explosion of the boy.  Our class started out the year with more boys than girls...then we've had families move in...and they've all been boys.  Lord, I mean really Lord I need your help.  On a typical Sunday we have 10 boys and 2 girls.  Did I mention the church serves donuts before Sunday School?  Whoever thought up that idea was NOT a Sunday school teacher.  This year has been a challenge because the joy I receive and share with the kids has been squelched by fart noises, fights in class, not paying attention, having to take kids in the hallway, timeouts, etc.  It has not been pleasant.  Every week is basically a disciplinary session on how to act in Sunday School.  Hmmm.  Maybe its burn-out, maybe its the kids--I don't know.

And what to say when the parents are like "how's Johnny?"....umm he's the devil in disguise?  I don't know what to say to parents when the parents know they don't behave (I've seen them in church with their parents--not much better behavior).

Thoughts anyone?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cows, calves, and chickens oh my!

This past week has seen all kinds of excitement on the farm.  First was that the area of Kansas where we are got a lot of rain, which is good...but leads to cow soup.  That horrible mixture of water, poo, and whatever else might come out of our little bovine are some pics:

Cows somehow make getting through this muck easy and graceful...and fast!  Its like seeing women at a Dillards shoe sale (or at least just me)  :-)

This is Muhammad's little guy...the calves try to stay out of the way of the move!

Tatonka is not happy!

Mud + feeding = muddy rainbow boots!  Boo!
 And we got chickens!  After watching Food Inc, I was a little grossed out about the chicken farms, so J and I decided to get some chickens (I think J was a little grossed out too).  So he got me some meat chickens and some laying hens.  I'm so excited!  Farm fresh eggs sold here!  LOL.

Chillin with my peeps!

One of the monsters was very inquistive about the new purchase--hehe.

I've never had chickens, so this should be an adventure.  They're so small and cute now, but I know they'll get bigger and probably be a pain in the rear!  Oh well  :-)  Yesterday I was holding one and it pooped in my hand--it was a good thing I had already set my drink down...that would have been a party fowl  :-)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Adventures of Tini and Lewis

So here's a story based on actual events (names and places have not been changed to protect the innocent  :-))

"Mama, where you going?"  Lewis asked.

"Well see that big green thing, well there's food in there, just you wait and see."  Louise replied hurrying off to the feed bunk.

"Oh, well Mama"  Lewis hurriedly asked running behind Louise, "what about Tini?"

Tini, on the other side of the creek, was trying to follow her momma, but got stuck on the other side. 

"Lewis, I wish you would catch up, here comes the big green thing, and you chattering away has let Clarice and Myrtle take my place in line.  And what have I told you?"  Louise said shaking her head back and forth.

"Yes, Momma, her name is Clemintine and her Mamma keeps repeating that."  Lewis said with a resignated sigh. 

"But Momma, she can't get across!  Look she looks lost, I'm going to go check it out"

"Fine, fine"  Louise said exasperatedly, watching her strong-willed son leave.

Lewis hurried across the creek to find his friend Tini curled up in a ball along the fence line.  "Tini!  Tini!  What are doing over here?  The food's on the other side!" 

"Oh Lewis, I can't cross the creek, look at my little knees."  Tini said, her lower lip poked out.

Lewis looked at her little knees all swollen and kind of disjointed.  "Well I won't leave you Tini--we're friends!"

Tini put her lower lip back in, but still laid on the ground, knowing her Momma and all her Momma's friends were across the creek, which seemed like the Nile to her.

"Tell you what Tini, have you tried out that white block over there?"  Lewis nosed in the direction of the salt block.  "The crazy lady with boots said its like a cow Dorito--whatever that means."

Not waiting for Tini to object, Lewis bounded for the salt block energetically.  Tini followed Lewis slowly. 

"Isn't this delicious?" Lewis laughed at Tini licking his pink tongue on the block.

"Ya know its not too bad"  Tini replied back.  "Thank-you for coming back for me Lewis."

"Its no big deal Tini, that's what friends are for."  Lewis replied back.

Note:  This actually did happen, and it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever.  Lewis did run across the creek away from the rest of the cows to be with Tini.  The dialogue I came up with, but the actions were all them  :-)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"You Have a Problem"

Now this comment wasn't said to me personally, it was said to a group of Young Professionals that I'm a member of, by someone in their 70s.  The group was talking about how to get young people involved in civic boards, politics, community interest groups, etc.  This gentleman said that when he was our age, the wives didn't work, and so errands/cleaning/etc could be done during the day, leaving the nights open for civic engagements.  He said it all boils down to time, and how you choose to spend it, and "you have a problem."  I nodded in agreement with this gentleman, because its so true.  Time is valuable, and how we choose to spend it is a personal decision.  Most households now have 2 working adults, and that leaves little time for other things.  But what happens in 15 years or so when all the leaders on community boards have passed on?  Who will fill that gap?  Most young adults I know are so disengaged with what goes on in their community, or are even aware there are elected boards.  (This is by no means a bash to anyone--just my opinion and what I have witnessed volunteering in several groups.)  Going home and playing with the kids, having a drink, and watching the latest episode of reality TV takes precedence over a County Planning and Zoning Board meeting.   What happens though--when that older generation passes on?  Hmmm. 

Sidebar--I encourage everyone to be on at least one civic or community board for a year  :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adventures in the Kitchen

I realized I haven't shared any new or fun recipes in a while...and this last week I started cooking again and didn't know what I was going to do until about halfway through the process.  Bier rocks--I've seen them, I've had one, why can't I make one?  Hmm, I really didn't look at a recipe, just kind of went by what I've seen--and they turned out fabulous--and so yummy!

You need:
1 lb browned hamburger
Veggies (I used carrots and okra)
Garlic, basil, oregano, whatever spices you're craving
a soft cheese
1 package of pizza dough (regular not thin)

Brown up the hamburger oh so nice, and the onions and veggies with the spices.  Take the pizza dough and cut into 3-4" squares.  Put a scoop of the meat mixture with a dollop of the cheese and close by taking opposite ends of the squares and pinching together.  Place on a cookie sheet and cook in the oven at 375 for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.  Yummy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Say...that's not a milk cow

So we have Angus cattle, and they are not "milk" cows, they don't get milked by a machine or hand twice a day, we don't make our own butter/cream/etc.  But this last week, I saw one of our cows get milked.  So this momma cow ( I named her Muhammad Ali --you'll see why), was making all this racket when I came home the other day.  I thought she had gotten stuck in a fence or between some trees or something, she was tearing her head back and forth going ape-sh*t.  Well I walk over and she's head-butting her little calf--which is normal to get them on their feet.'re head-butting the calf into timber and it gets stuck and you keep pummeling it until it really can't get up.  I run back in the house---J--we have a problem.  We go back out there and he has to pick it up and get it out into the clearing.  Well Muhammad was still was head-butting it--poor little calf.  So we haul the little calf into the barn, and mean Mama-bear Muhammad follows after us.  She is not letting this little girl up so she can get some milk.  Then J's Dad comes over and brings his calf-bottle and feeding tube.  Hmm.  This out to be interesting.  I really don't know if I had ever seen a cow being milked before, especially one who wasn't used to a guy being all up in her business.  Then we get to feed her (I named her Gertrude--she's so cute).  It was all very interesting to me.  She's one of the few girls we've had--most of the calves we've had this year have been boys.  Hmph.  I didn't get a pic of Muhammad Ali  and Gertrude, but here's a pic of Borus and his friend--aren't they fine looking bull calves? 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Things We Fear

So we all have something that scares us or that we fear, maybe its heights, clowns, online banking, blood and guts, whatever it is---we all have something that to us logically scares us--and to the rest of the world, it might look a little illogical.  Well mine, is doing my own taxes; and letting someone else do them.  Silly?  Let me explain.  I have done my own taxes since I started working when I was 15, and I'm, well doesn't really matter, but let's just say I've done my own taxes for over 1/2 of my life.  I don't even think anyone has ever seen my W-2s besides me.  So this year, the hubs asked if we wanted to do our taxes together and send them off to the accountant (inside I'm thinking...deep breath, deep breath, don't hyperventilate), someone else will see my W-2s?  I'll give them somebody I've never even met?  WHAT? Does that come with a chain of custody?   I am freaking out!  But after many tears and a couple of anti-anxiety pills, I say OK, and plop them into an envelope (and seal and tape it). 

So we get our taxes back from the tax man today, and my name is incorrect.  Hmph.  Was my gut instinct correct?  Should I have listened to my gut saying "don't do it, don't do it"?  Hmmm.  If this blog was food for thought, it'd be a buffet  :-)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All the Little Calves

So it's been a busy week and a half or so!  We've had quite a few new little calves being born, and they are just TOO cute!  Here are some pics  :-)

This is Lewis--Louise's little guy--isn't he cute!?!!  In the background is Tatonka--isn't he fuzzy?

Who you callin' fuzzy?  My momma just I'm big boned!

This is Milkshake, he's a Black Baldy, so he has a little bit of Hereford mixed in with the Angus...and he's ornery!

Momma--what's with the crazy boots?  That girl is crazy!

This is Myrtle--Louise's sister, and there is her little calf Bert--isn't he cute?!?!

What is she doing?  Should we run?  I don't know, maybe if we stay really still, she won't see us  :-)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

From the Fashion Files

So I realized I haven’t blogged about fashion in a while….and I’ve seen some things that have disturbed me…. In no particular order:

-hoodies in an office environment. I don’t think they’re appropriate. Now depending on your office environment, but if the guys where dress shirts and ties, I don’t think hoodies are appropriate on ladies.

-Bare legs in the winter, now assuming you’re not from the cast of the Jersey Shore, or live in Jamaica year-round, your legs in Kansas during the winter are WHITE. Put those pasty things under some tights or pants. Save yourself and those having to look at them.

-Fuzzy shoes. Now my sister and I got into a rather heated discussion in the Dillard's shoe department over this topic. First I must say, our styles vary drastically—she could pass as a Kardashian sister, and I generally look like an extra on Mad Men (at work, not at home).  So she sees some furry shoes that slide on, and is like, these are pimp, I gotta have some of these.  To which I say, why would you buy slippers at Dillard's?  She said because they have a hard sole, they are not slippers.  I say if you slide them on and they are furry, they are slippers.  The debate continues.   I just don't get the trend of 20-somethings of wearing sweatpants, slippers, and somehow calling the look shabby chic.  In my mind, it just looks shabby and should be regulated to house wear.  Does that make me old?  Hmmm.

Maybe its just the whole idea of being presentable in the environment in which you are.  When you look at yourself in the mirror does it say, I spent 5 minutes to prepare my look for the day?  Or did you even bother to look in the mirror before you left?  Hmmm.  And this is all situational, based on what you do and the clothes necessary for your work.  And I don't fall for the excuse "I don't even money to dress well."  BS--give me $50 and a thrift store and I will change your hum-drum wardrobe into something that says "here I am world, aren't I fabulous!"