Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All the Little Calves

So it's been a busy week and a half or so!  We've had quite a few new little calves being born, and they are just TOO cute!  Here are some pics  :-)

This is Lewis--Louise's little guy--isn't he cute!?!!  In the background is Tatonka--isn't he fuzzy?

Who you callin' fuzzy?  My momma just I'm big boned!

This is Milkshake, he's a Black Baldy, so he has a little bit of Hereford mixed in with the Angus...and he's ornery!

Momma--what's with the crazy boots?  That girl is crazy!

This is Myrtle--Louise's sister, and there is her little calf Bert--isn't he cute?!?!

What is she doing?  Should we run?  I don't know, maybe if we stay really still, she won't see us  :-)


  1. They're all TOO cute! And, you're looking pretty darn cute, too. :-)

  2. They're cute and, boy, do they grow fast!