Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time to Change Things Up

So just like the changing Kansas weather, my life is in the cycle of change again.  I had been working as an event coordinator at a facility and things haven't been working for the best.  Then I got to thinking about what I really want in life and what is important to me.   Hmmm, well most importantly faith, my loving husband, our wonderful farm, family, friends, the ability to be involved in my random committees--are just a few of the top 5.  (Everyone should do a top 5 in their life every now and then--its a great way to refocus priorities).  Well not having a consistent schedule and always being "on call" were just some of the reasons my happiness level decreased.  Not having a consistent schedule did make my relationships with friends suffer, because while other people were having fun, I was at work.  So what would make me happy?  Hmm consistency, the going into work, doing the job, and not having to check email or text messages after work, more money, several things led me on the path to nursing.   Living on the farm has definitely made my "gross-factor" almost non-existent.  So I started researching, what would it take?  What do those closest to me think about it?  Hmm.

Well my wonderful sister was able to give me the opportunity of a job shadow at her health care facility, and I wasn't shocked or awed about it.  It was basically like waiting tables, but caring for them, not just their food.  Hmm, I could do this.  And as my mom so wonderfully pointed out, "I'm so happy for you--you've been unhappy for a while.  You've always wanted to help people."  Maybe I have.  I want the best for people, and will do whatever is in my power to make that happen.  As an event coordinator, I made every effort to have the event run seamlessly and without stress for the client.  Waiting tables, I anticipated needs before they were asked (sometimes--people are a wildcard).  So maybe this is the right path for me  :-)

So I enrolled in pre-requisites, enrolled in a CNA class, and quit my job.  Wow!  This summer I will be take A&P, then take the TEAS test (nursing school admission test), then apply for nursing school (and God willing!) get in!  So far the whole process has fallen into place, so hopefully this is the direction the Big man has in mind for me  :-)  Pray for me  :-)  This a crazy new adventure!

The song of my life right now is Let it Go!