Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The olympics are so exciting!  I just love them!  J asked why I did, and its just seeing people be the best at what they are skilled at.   And the whole US rallies behind one thing, for just a few days, no bickering over political hullaballoo, no bickering over what Chick-Fil-A is doing (which who cares--they are the bomb diggitty!), just everyone rallies behind Team USA--and its a great feeling!  As I was thinking about the Olympics last week, I was smack dab in the middle of swathing the Scary Dairy (and adjoining properties) and thought, it would be like someone watching me swath hay--I mean I'm so good at it--LOL.   J says I've gotten better every year, so I figure in the next couple of years I can train really hard and try out--LOL.   Seriously, everyone has something that they are really good at...if we could all just have our own Olympics and win golds  :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ed McMahan? Nope!

So here I am at home enjoying my lovely afternoon of watching an old western and catching up on crochet...no I am not 90--LOL.  When I hear a knock on the door...something tells me its not Ed McMahan.  As I am talking to the BFF on the phone, I say "I really hope its not some Good Samaritan telling me I have a cow out"...RIGHT.  "Um excuse me--but you have a cow out close to the road."  Oh brother, here we go.  Mind you I am in my lounge wear of fat pants, tank top, and no bra---not exactly what you call cow chasing attire.  So I run out there, its Hamburger, as in its Hamburger the steer that is set to become hamburger in a few months.  And lets just say he's never gotten out and seen what's beyond the fence--and he is loving it!  Up and down the road we go, back up, back down, nope not that way dumb dumb. 2 other Good Samaritans stop and help me (I guess the sight of a woman dressed like I am trying to chase a cow down on a highway brings out the best in people).  So we're all trying to get him to go around to a gate where I can let him in.  The couple who stopped were fabulous and brought their truck around and we were able to get him in.  The other Good Samaritan said he really needed to quit smoking...he couldn't quite catch up.  LOL.  All in a days work--I think I need a raise  :-)

Monday, July 16, 2012

From the BlogRoll

There are few times I actually burst out crying by the written word (minus Nicholas Sparks--I think they should sell his book with a Kleenix box attached), but anywhos, there is a fellow blogger out there and she is in the midst of telling an amazing story; and yes I started crying.  She is a wonderful writer and courageous woman, check out her story at:  catpoland.wordpress.com/.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Circus comes to Whitewater

Sorry its been a while since I've blogged...been a bit busy with vacations, vacation bible school, work, chores, you know that stuff that just seems to fill a schedule and leave little room for downtime  :-)  This happened to me the other day, and I laughed, so of course I had to share  :-)

So I come home from work and do my walk around the animal pens to make sure everybody looks ok and their water is full.  Well, I see White Face No Tag (which she really needs a name, but nothing is speaking to me for her, and she has a new calf who is really cute too..but again no name), so anyway I see her in the lot and she is flat out staring at the horse barn.  Hmmm that's kind of odd.  Scooter is kind of jumping around and being like a kid after you give them a root beer float (sidebar:  in VBS root beer floats were one of the suggested snacks--whoever thought up that idea should be placed alone in a room with 20 children who have had them and try to teach them something...just saying).  Again...Hmmm...so I walk around there is White Face No Tag's calf in Scoot's pen!  Argh!  The little booger crawled under the fence for who knows what reason and was no stuck because this monster of a horse was jumping around causing a big curfuffle.  So I run and put some shoes on (flippers were not going to work for this charade), and throw Scoot some hay, thinking if he has something to eat, I can maneuver the calf out and all is well.  Hahaha--sounds good right?  Once I hop in the pen, Scoot forgets about the hay, the calf freaks out and starts running around (he's so new and not quite used to people), Scoot starts bucking and running around, which again scares the calf, then the momma starts her "You messin with my baby" beller---which gets all the other Momma cows to come over and all start bellering "You better not mess with my baby!".  This is my life---a ringmaster in a pen with a crazy horse and new calf, all I needed was a cute hat and I could have sent in a video to Circus College showcasing my great skills.  So I get Scoot into his feeder pen, unwire a panel, slap that panel so it keeps him back, and go try my skills as a calf-wrangler.  The calf was having none of my wrangling skills and the approaching Momma bear looked like she was going to jump over the fence and capture me or the calf.  Plan 45--unlock another gate, let the cow in, meander about, gather the calf out and head for the high country--SUCCESS! 

Then off to VBS to try my skills as a kid-wrangler...LOL.  All in a day's work  :-)