Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ed McMahan? Nope!

So here I am at home enjoying my lovely afternoon of watching an old western and catching up on I am not 90--LOL.  When I hear a knock on the door...something tells me its not Ed McMahan.  As I am talking to the BFF on the phone, I say "I really hope its not some Good Samaritan telling me I have a cow out"...RIGHT.  "Um excuse me--but you have a cow out close to the road."  Oh brother, here we go.  Mind you I am in my lounge wear of fat pants, tank top, and no bra---not exactly what you call cow chasing attire.  So I run out there, its Hamburger, as in its Hamburger the steer that is set to become hamburger in a few months.  And lets just say he's never gotten out and seen what's beyond the fence--and he is loving it!  Up and down the road we go, back up, back down, nope not that way dumb dumb. 2 other Good Samaritans stop and help me (I guess the sight of a woman dressed like I am trying to chase a cow down on a highway brings out the best in people).  So we're all trying to get him to go around to a gate where I can let him in.  The couple who stopped were fabulous and brought their truck around and we were able to get him in.  The other Good Samaritan said he really needed to quit smoking...he couldn't quite catch up.  LOL.  All in a days work--I think I need a raise  :-)

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  1. It's always amazing to me how they can get out so easily and yet getting them back in is so challenging. There is something wrong with this picture! As for your attire? Well, it sounds like comfy clothes to wear. Thank goodness you weren't in a suit and heels while you tried to do this.