Wednesday, December 14, 2011

$1 Minimum

So there is a vast difference in those that have ever worked in the service industry and those that have not.  By service industry I mean the umbrella of restaurants, fast food, hotels, spas, hair salons—basically any place you tip (or should tip).  Personally, I waited tables for 10 years, and before that worked in fast food for a couple of years, so I’ve put in my time….and I understand why you should tip these people---THEY DEAL WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC—WHO ARE A PAIN IN THE A**.   A person (who shall remain nameless), when asked about tipping a hotel maid—why would you tip those people, they make minimum wage?  I’ll give you one guess whether she had worked in the service industry ever.   These people that serve us, are journeying to someplace.  Maybe it’s not a physical location, maybe it’s a time between a “real” job, maybe they are trying to make ends meet, maybe it’s their first job, whatever, but they are on a journey, so they deal with the public.   Now—I’m not condoning the rude server who forgot your ranch when you asked for it specifically.  Just your everyday hotel maid, person who waxes your brows,  and server who brought your child some crackers when they were crying.  They need tipped---so give them at least $1—it makes a difference  J

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crafty Makes Cuter!

So one of my nieces is 4 almost 5, and is in the girlie-wear dresses with a crown stage.  Well for Christmas my SNL said she would really like a flowey dress that she can wear over leggings.  So I found a plain pink one at Wal-mart, but thought, it needs a little something.  So I made some of the flowers I use for the crochet towel hanger and grouped them together and safety-pinned them to the dress.  Isn’t it cute?  It’s never too young to start wearing a flower corsage on something   J
Plain pink dress

The little yarn corsage--cute!

The completed dress--yeah its a small addition--but how simple and cute?!?!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes I wish I had Tractor Ears

So what’s a better location to wean calves from their mothers than our place?  Oh wait there’s not one—lol.  J and his Dad brought in about 15-20 calves from pasture, locked up the calves we already had on our place, and are letting them get to know each other.  Its kind of like a big pack n play.  And Dennis is pissed!  He’s not the top dog anymore, these fresh off the pasture steers are bigger—LOL.  The new fencing doesn’t allow him to get out and wander around either—he looks rather sullen when I walk down and see him now.  Anyways, back to this weaning business.  So these calves haven’t been separated from their momma cows before, and let me just tell ya—they want to tell the world about it!  Blah, Bahh, mmmaaa, bahh, maaa, barrrrrrr, a lovely cacophony of sound.  Now J with his ‘tractor ears’ really can’t hear them….me on the other hand, am looking up at the ceiling thinking, its 11:30 pm please stop!!!  Oh well, such is life, here’s pics of our new flocks, and a goofy pic of Dennis and friends (prior to being locked up) helping themselves to an alfalfa sundae. 

Look at Dennis glaring at me...what'd you do to me?!?!

Us?  We weren't eating of the alfalfa was him...the black one

Friday, December 9, 2011

Life in A Small Town

So life in Whitewater is different than KC, but there are some things I totally love about it!  For example, this weekend was the Christmas Home Tour, and there was nothing small-townish about it all.  These homes were amazing and all a little different.  One of the homes was something that could have been in Martha Stewart magazine, and another one was like a cute cottage you would see in a storybook.  The town invited people to help decorate the tree downtown, Santa was there, and the tree was turned on for all to see.  Next week there will be caroling around the tree and hot cocoa (maybe I'll slip a little peppermint Schnapps in mine--lol).  It might not be the great turning on of the plaza lights, but looking around and knowing the people around the tree is priceless.

I'll try and snap a pic of the tree to share  :-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting Crafty in the Kitchen...Again...

So I realized I have shared some of my great cheater meals here goes:

Thanksgiving Casserole

You need (all leftovers)
mashed potatoes
green beans/carrots/etc
turkey or ham
whatever else you would like

Take a casserole dish, layer all the ingredients, and freeze.  Pull out cook at 350, sprinkle with cheese.  Quick and yummy!

Turkey sliders
BBQ sauce
leftover rolls

Make a sauce of the BBQ and cranberries (I added onions too), add turkey, split the buns, put the goodie in there, bake at 400 to warm.  yum!

Cheater Enchiladas

You need:
leftover chili
taco seasoning

Scoop out the "meat and beans" from the chili, place in tortillas, wrap up in casserole dish.  Add taco seasoning to the leftover sauce from the chili, spread over the top of the enchiladas, sprinkle with cheese, bake.  So easy and J thought they were amazing!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Barnyard Barbie

Have you ever been blown away by someone’s unexpected generosity and thoughtfulness?  Well I was this weekend, and here’s why.  So the girl (young lady) that christened me “barnyard Barbie” actually gave me a Barbie doll…dressed up barnyard Barbie style.  She painted her boots in a striped-fashion just like the boots I wear are striped, bought this cute little pink dress with animals all over it off eBay, even curled the Barbie’s hair using a toothpicks and hair-spray (I have really curly hair), and for a charm bracelet---found this adorable charm with 2 flasks and a wine bottle.  LOL.  First how amazing is she that she went to all this effort to do all that, and how cute is it?  I might have to steal the charm from  Barnyard Barbie for myself :-)
Isn't she cute?!?!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Do You Believe?

So there has been this ongoing discussion in our office whether to have children believe in Santa Claus or not.  First—I’m the only person without kids, so my opinion differs.  However, I think that kids should believe in Santa Claus—don’t you believe?  I was telling one of the girls, maybe he’s not real.  But what is real is seeing a child’s wonderment at Santa Claus, and the magic of getting gifts that “appear” under the tree.  Aren’t we supposed to come to God as children?  As we age do we lose that magic of believing in things?  Some families observe a more traditional and factual celebration of St Nickolas and the presents in the shoes.  Others just have 3 gifts under the tree, signifying the 3 gifts for the baby Jesus.  Others believe that lying to your children about Santa Claus is a bad example, only leading children to believe you’re lying about other things.  Hmmm.  I do believe, in the Spirit of Christmas, and what a more adequate jolly representation of that spirit than a man in a bright red suit who brings joy to good little boys and girls?  Do you believe?