Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear Me (5 years Ago)

Dear CAL,

Yes, you feel like your life is stuck in a limbo zone of not having a stable relationship and the world is passing you by and you are just standing still.  Friends have already gotten married, popped out a few kids, and you still just want to buy some new shoes.  Boys confuse and irritate you, but like a moth to a flame you keep going back and getting burned.  You don't need to obsess about why some guy stood you up on a date, or why when a guy says he completely gets you and are a fantastic woman he still doesn't want to commit to you, or how that guy that seems way perfect--is really way not perfect.  QUIT OBSESSING NOW CAL!  Put down your phone and quit checking for flirty text messages.  Pay attention to those that are actually around you.  Quit asking yourself (and anyone who will listen), but if only he would do this?  Quit trying to make the relationship work.  Quit obsessing.  Start enjoying being single--there is nothing like it!  The friendships you have in your single days will never happen again, so treasure them.  Enjoy doing only your laundry....and knowing why your laundry smells the way it does (once you get married that will change...boys stink!).  Enjoy not having to explain to another human being why you have to go on a wine trip with your girlfriends.  Most of all, be patient.  Why?  Because when the right man comes along, he will make you his, no questions asked.  He will make his presence known and want to take you home (literally and figuratively) and he wants you to meet his parents.  There will be questions...but not the "does he really like me?" question.  Because when a man sees something he wants forever, he doesn't sit on the sideline, he doesn't wait for you to make the move, he purchases.  Just like a Farmall Model A in pristine condition he's always dreamed of having, he will drive 3 hours with a trailer and load it up---he will do the same with you.  So enjoy this single time--its precious and will never occur again.  The season will change and married life will begin, but both are equally important in this crazy circle of life.

Luv ya!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If You Were to be my BFF

So my SNL did this blog post idea..and I'm blog-stealing the idea for mine.

Here is a list of things you would need to know to be my BFF:

-I do not like exposed garages (ones that open to the road)

-I have a horrible memory or just selective.  I can remember what I wore on an occasion 10 years ago, but then can't remember what I wore yesterday.

-I do not like to share pens

-I can shop for you (my BFF) and put together outfits over the phone based on what I know is in your closet

-I do logic puzzles

-I am so nerdy and old-lady-ish in my hobbies (hello crochet--LOL)

-I went to 6 different schools growing up (various reasons)

-I hate saying good-bye

-I did not have TV growing up so references to Full House, 90210, Facts of Life, are completely lost on me (I'm sure there are other shows as well)

-I lift my feet over railroad tracks for good luck

-I am not a germophobe

-It takes me longer to get ready for bed than it does to get ready in the morning

-I am anti-private education

I think that's about it  :-)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Brahmin Customer Service

So a while back my mom gave me her old iPad--woot woot!  It is awesome and it works very well for me and work.  Well the only thing was that finding a bag that holds an iPad and doesn't look like a briefcase or backpack is a challenge.  However, after much due dilligence in the shopping department, I found a Brahmin.  I must preface by saying that I've never owned a fancy-label brand purse and was a bit skeptical of purchasing a big money bag.  My husband, who says I never really spend money on myself, said to go ahead and it would be my birthday present.  Woot woot!  That was in July (an early birthday present  :-) ).    Fast forward 3 months.  The handles start cracking like I would expect on a TJMaxx bag.  Hmmm.  According to their website...they take pride in their high quality products and will repair or replace a defective product within a year of purchase, 2 years if registered online.  (Which of course I did within a couple of weeks of purchasing the bag).   I call and they send me the return form and ask me to send it back, which I did.  Fast forward 1 month and I get the bag back to me.  Did they replace the defective handles?  Nope, just lacquered them up and sent them right back to me.  Hmmm, that's fantastic!  Fast forward 1 month...the handles that were cracked and then lacquered are cracking again (is anyone else shocked?).  So I call customer care again and ask to speak to a manager.  Why?  Because a bag that should have been fixed correctly was just ghetto-rigged and sent back to me.  They say, oh weren't the handles replaced the first time?  Um no, can't you track that by the bag registration number?!?  So back it goes to get fixed.  Fast forward to this weekend and I got it back, and you know what?  I'm selling it--that is everything except the bad handles (which they nicely included in the return proving the handles were replaced).  The bad handles I'm keeping for a reason.

I train people on customer service and delivering the customer experience.  Those handles are a prime example of how a company failed on the delivery of a customer experience.  This was my first "real" purse purchase and a birthday present.  Owning the bag for 5 months and not having it for 2 months took that magic away.  The mailing of the bag back, certifying it in the mail, blah blah blah killed whatever sparkle that bag had for me when I got it.  Now whenever I see it, I see disappointment, and that's not how someone should view a luxury item.   They never offered to replace the whole bag, a free wallet, or put my name on the standard "thank-you for returning your bag to Brahmin card"...they did however put a Holiday shopper flyer in there.  Really?  Those handles will get used, but as an example of how the customer experience was demolished.

Here's the bag, if you are interested in purchasing, hit me up  :-)