Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If You Were to be my BFF

So my SNL did this blog post idea..and I'm blog-stealing the idea for mine.

Here is a list of things you would need to know to be my BFF:

-I do not like exposed garages (ones that open to the road)

-I have a horrible memory or just selective.  I can remember what I wore on an occasion 10 years ago, but then can't remember what I wore yesterday.

-I do not like to share pens

-I can shop for you (my BFF) and put together outfits over the phone based on what I know is in your closet

-I do logic puzzles

-I am so nerdy and old-lady-ish in my hobbies (hello crochet--LOL)

-I went to 6 different schools growing up (various reasons)

-I hate saying good-bye

-I did not have TV growing up so references to Full House, 90210, Facts of Life, are completely lost on me (I'm sure there are other shows as well)

-I lift my feet over railroad tracks for good luck

-I am not a germophobe

-It takes me longer to get ready for bed than it does to get ready in the morning

-I am anti-private education

I think that's about it  :-)


  1. haha, I love this! I knew the majority of these and you didn't have to tell me. That makes me pretty proud. I will never forget the time I asked to borrow a pen. You went up to the front of a restaurant and grabbed someone else. ;)
    You forgot to mention you collect pins! You don't like double dippers even if they are related. You give the word fabulous a new definition and you name all your cars!

  2. LOL! That is awesome! I don't remember that exactly, but it totally sounds like something I would do! Luv ya chica!

  3. Interesting list. I think selective memory is something we all have. The odd part about memory is that we all remember the same event differently. Something that is profoundly important to a child will be viewed by an adult at the same event is significant. That's what communicating challenging sometimes. I understand the pen thing. I'm that way about hairbrushes and combs. People seem to always ask to borrow mine at different places and it totally grosses me out. If you are nerdy about your hobbies, I must be, too. I prefer to think of it as ultra-creative.