Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And Jack makes three.....

So last Friday I'm in the house and get a text msg from J:  Got a new dog.  Hmm..seriously reminded me of the Discover commercial where the woman says, the husband went out for milk and came back with a puppy.  Yeah, that was my moment.  I go outside and here is this little man:

Someone had (we think) dumped him.  J found him in the middle of the road about a mile south of our house.  He called around to see if anyone was missing him--nope!  No tag, no collar, nothing really identifying him at all.  We think he's a Jack Russell Terrier mix, but who knows.   He's still in the puppy play stage, but he is housebroken! Bonus!  The only downside so far...he is a runner!  Schwoo!  That night we let him out to do his business and he decides to go for a midnight run...on the highway!  I'm chasing after him in the dark, running on the highway in flip-flops.  I see livestock semi's go by and pray don't let him become street pizza.  St Francis of Assisi really should have been my patron saint because he was not harmed at all.  Ugh.

We named him Jack, for Uncle Si off Duck Dynasty:

I like to think its Jack from Will and Grace--Just Jack:

The name has many derivatives:  Jack Daniels, Jack Link, Linky Man, Jack Sprat, Jack Sparrow.  This poor dog is going to end up with an identity crisis.

I do think he was abused or mistreated in his previous life (those people should be shot!).  Whenever a collar is put on him he cowers down and doesn't move and his whole persona changes--so weird.  Walking him on a lead he tries to chew the lead away.  But I'm working with him and trust will come with time. 

So now we have 3 dogs...seriously we are one elephant short of a circus.  Gunnar (the lab) doesn't really pay attention to Jack, but Jose (Chihuahua) definitely is not taking the other sibling well.  He pouts alot, but he will get over it as time goes by. 

Jack has wormed his way into our hearts (especially J's)....I foresee them riding in trucks/tractors/combines in the future.  LOL.  Here he is below checking out a wheat header in the combine...ummhmmm.