Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes I wish I had Tractor Ears

So what’s a better location to wean calves from their mothers than our place?  Oh wait there’s not one—lol.  J and his Dad brought in about 15-20 calves from pasture, locked up the calves we already had on our place, and are letting them get to know each other.  Its kind of like a big pack n play.  And Dennis is pissed!  He’s not the top dog anymore, these fresh off the pasture steers are bigger—LOL.  The new fencing doesn’t allow him to get out and wander around either—he looks rather sullen when I walk down and see him now.  Anyways, back to this weaning business.  So these calves haven’t been separated from their momma cows before, and let me just tell ya—they want to tell the world about it!  Blah, Bahh, mmmaaa, bahh, maaa, barrrrrrr, a lovely cacophony of sound.  Now J with his ‘tractor ears’ really can’t hear them….me on the other hand, am looking up at the ceiling thinking, its 11:30 pm please stop!!!  Oh well, such is life, here’s pics of our new flocks, and a goofy pic of Dennis and friends (prior to being locked up) helping themselves to an alfalfa sundae. 

Look at Dennis glaring at me...what'd you do to me?!?!

Us?  We weren't eating of the alfalfa was him...the black one

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  1. You may wish for tractor ears but what you have are "mommy" ears. These "mommy" ears develop whenever a female feels like they are responsible for other living beings who need them. In this case, your calves sound like they need you and your inner mommy is coming out. It's perfectly normal but can be frustrating and exhausting. LOL