Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh the Little Ones Are Angels...Or Are They?

So I teach Sunday school at my church in the Pre-k/K room, and 90% of the time, its fabulous!  I love the little ones and their crazy take on stories or the lesson for the day.  The woman who co-teaches with me is great--we have a great balance and take things in stride.  Well except for this year.  This year has been the explosion of the boy.  Our class started out the year with more boys than girls...then we've had families move in...and they've all been boys.  Lord, I mean really Lord I need your help.  On a typical Sunday we have 10 boys and 2 girls.  Did I mention the church serves donuts before Sunday School?  Whoever thought up that idea was NOT a Sunday school teacher.  This year has been a challenge because the joy I receive and share with the kids has been squelched by fart noises, fights in class, not paying attention, having to take kids in the hallway, timeouts, etc.  It has not been pleasant.  Every week is basically a disciplinary session on how to act in Sunday School.  Hmmm.  Maybe its burn-out, maybe its the kids--I don't know.

And what to say when the parents are like "how's Johnny?"....umm he's the devil in disguise?  I don't know what to say to parents when the parents know they don't behave (I've seen them in church with their parents--not much better behavior).

Thoughts anyone?


  1. I'm curious to see what the mothers of young children have to say about this. Me, back in my day, would have liked to be told exactly how Alix was. Okay - maybe not the devil in disguise! - but I would have liked to have been told that she has a talking problem or a following the rules problem or fighting problem. Our children need to learn how to act when mom and dad aren't around!! They also need to learn how to act in public. But, like you said, unless the parents are willing to put in the time and effort to discipline them, they'll always get their way. Until the big, bad world smacks them upside the head!!!! lol
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the advice and thoughts--I really do appreciate it :-) Since I don't have kids and all :-)

  2. #1. Maybe you need to talk to the church about not serving donuts until after Sunday school. I think that's very reasonable. Plus, you could add that maybe the donuts need to be eliminated altogether for other healthier options. Considering the escalating incidences of diabetes and obesity, is serving donuts at church really appropriate? Doesn't it leave out members who already have diabetes? Perhaps veggies and fruits would make more sense. I know that wouldn't be as popular but you could promote that you are purchasing from local farmers and demonstrate stewardship of a different kind and that wouldn't send the kids over the edge.

    As for the kids...I would definitely tell the parents what's going on. It's not your job to discipline; your job is teach Sunday school. You probably won't be very popular but someone needs to remind the parents of their job. Maybe you could have your pastor speak on this topic as a good sermon. Too many parents try to be their kids' buddies and that doesn't work. They want their kids to "like" them. Well, in my opinion, if your kids hate you some of the time and think you're the worst parent ever and tell you so, then you're probably doing your job. It's no fun, and breaks your heart, but kids don't have to like their parents; they need to respect them.