Monday, March 26, 2012

Cows, calves, and chickens oh my!

This past week has seen all kinds of excitement on the farm.  First was that the area of Kansas where we are got a lot of rain, which is good...but leads to cow soup.  That horrible mixture of water, poo, and whatever else might come out of our little bovine are some pics:

Cows somehow make getting through this muck easy and graceful...and fast!  Its like seeing women at a Dillards shoe sale (or at least just me)  :-)

This is Muhammad's little guy...the calves try to stay out of the way of the move!

Tatonka is not happy!

Mud + feeding = muddy rainbow boots!  Boo!
 And we got chickens!  After watching Food Inc, I was a little grossed out about the chicken farms, so J and I decided to get some chickens (I think J was a little grossed out too).  So he got me some meat chickens and some laying hens.  I'm so excited!  Farm fresh eggs sold here!  LOL.

Chillin with my peeps!

One of the monsters was very inquistive about the new purchase--hehe.

I've never had chickens, so this should be an adventure.  They're so small and cute now, but I know they'll get bigger and probably be a pain in the rear!  Oh well  :-)  Yesterday I was holding one and it pooped in my hand--it was a good thing I had already set my drink down...that would have been a party fowl  :-)


  1. Once your hens are laying and you're ready to start selling your meat chickens, please know WE ARE FIRST IN LINE!!

  2. Chickens? Wow! That should be full of new stories. Don wants to know when you plan on getting sheep for wool. Maybe goats for goat cheese?

  3. Yay for chickens!!! It's one of my FAVE things about our farm. Looking forward to hearing more about that!

    You have a cow named Tatanka! Awesome. Means buffalo, right? Or maybe God?

    Happy Easter lady!