Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"You Have a Problem"

Now this comment wasn't said to me personally, it was said to a group of Young Professionals that I'm a member of, by someone in their 70s.  The group was talking about how to get young people involved in civic boards, politics, community interest groups, etc.  This gentleman said that when he was our age, the wives didn't work, and so errands/cleaning/etc could be done during the day, leaving the nights open for civic engagements.  He said it all boils down to time, and how you choose to spend it, and "you have a problem."  I nodded in agreement with this gentleman, because its so true.  Time is valuable, and how we choose to spend it is a personal decision.  Most households now have 2 working adults, and that leaves little time for other things.  But what happens in 15 years or so when all the leaders on community boards have passed on?  Who will fill that gap?  Most young adults I know are so disengaged with what goes on in their community, or are even aware there are elected boards.  (This is by no means a bash to anyone--just my opinion and what I have witnessed volunteering in several groups.)  Going home and playing with the kids, having a drink, and watching the latest episode of reality TV takes precedence over a County Planning and Zoning Board meeting.   What happens though--when that older generation passes on?  Hmmm. 

Sidebar--I encourage everyone to be on at least one civic or community board for a year  :-)

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  1. I totally agree with your comments. I enjoyed being on the Andover Library Board for several years. I learned a lot about the community and met a whole new group of people.

    I think some of the disengagement that I see everywhere (and it's not limited to the young) is due to information overload. It used to be that the only way we got our information is by attending meetings and getting involved and watching the news (only available a few times a day) and reading the paper. Now news barrages our senses 24/7. I think the information overload is numbing to our psyche and makes us feel less interested in the world around us instead of more interested.

    Charity work is needed to!