Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Adventures of Tini and Lewis

So here's a story based on actual events (names and places have not been changed to protect the innocent  :-))

"Mama, where you going?"  Lewis asked.

"Well see that big green thing, well there's food in there, just you wait and see."  Louise replied hurrying off to the feed bunk.

"Oh, well Mama"  Lewis hurriedly asked running behind Louise, "what about Tini?"

Tini, on the other side of the creek, was trying to follow her momma, but got stuck on the other side. 

"Lewis, I wish you would catch up, here comes the big green thing, and you chattering away has let Clarice and Myrtle take my place in line.  And what have I told you?"  Louise said shaking her head back and forth.

"Yes, Momma, her name is Clemintine and her Mamma keeps repeating that."  Lewis said with a resignated sigh. 

"But Momma, she can't get across!  Look she looks lost, I'm going to go check it out"

"Fine, fine"  Louise said exasperatedly, watching her strong-willed son leave.

Lewis hurried across the creek to find his friend Tini curled up in a ball along the fence line.  "Tini!  Tini!  What are doing over here?  The food's on the other side!" 

"Oh Lewis, I can't cross the creek, look at my little knees."  Tini said, her lower lip poked out.

Lewis looked at her little knees all swollen and kind of disjointed.  "Well I won't leave you Tini--we're friends!"

Tini put her lower lip back in, but still laid on the ground, knowing her Momma and all her Momma's friends were across the creek, which seemed like the Nile to her.

"Tell you what Tini, have you tried out that white block over there?"  Lewis nosed in the direction of the salt block.  "The crazy lady with boots said its like a cow Dorito--whatever that means."

Not waiting for Tini to object, Lewis bounded for the salt block energetically.  Tini followed Lewis slowly. 

"Isn't this delicious?" Lewis laughed at Tini licking his pink tongue on the block.

"Ya know its not too bad"  Tini replied back.  "Thank-you for coming back for me Lewis."

"Its no big deal Tini, that's what friends are for."  Lewis replied back.

Note:  This actually did happen, and it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever.  Lewis did run across the creek away from the rest of the cows to be with Tini.  The dialogue I came up with, but the actions were all them  :-)


  1. I was going to say to you finally lost it but then I remembered that I maintain a twitter account for my dog. Touché.

    1. Oh Mosby...maybe he needs a blog too :-) LOL

  2. I've said it before--get this stuff published!