Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet Queenie!

So J's Dad bought a heifer at a sale in Kingman...she's real cute...and of course I had to name her  :-)  Since she came from Kingman--I figured Queenie fit just right  :-)

Here she is:

And since she just came from the sale, her face is still manicured looking.  I had no idea that they take a blow torch and singe the hair around the face on the cattle before a sale to make them prettier--seems pretty crazy to me!  LOL

So I started whispering to her the other night and she gave me "you is a crazy woman" look.  But then last night I was out checking on the calves and walked by the cattle pen and who was the first heifer to come say hi--Queenie!  She ate right out of my hand!  Ahh--she might be my bovine-mate  :-)


  1. Sounds like you are making some real cow-mmunication with this heifer!

  2. Crazy women is the best women... LOL Sounds like you've already bonded!!