Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sir Mouse!

So after the before mentioned mouse was caught in the trap, I heard another mouse…or thought I did (this was last week).  I sat up in bed, reached for the flashlight, and J is like sit down, you’re imagining it because you heard one a few nights ago.  But, in his infinite wisdom of understanding me, said, I’ll set another trap so it can catch this mouse.  He humors me so well.  He and I both knew I wouldn’t get to sleep hearing this little critter around the house.  But alas, the trap set empty for a week or so.  Then Sunday night, J goes to feed Gunnar his food, and I hear this *$@!*&(+.... The mouse had crawled into Gunnar’s food container (a big Rubbermaid tote thing) and couldn’t get back out.  J scooped up the mouse when he scooped up the food—we call that extra—LOL.  Anyway, I run in the mud room hearing this outburst, and say “I wasn’t hearing things after all—look at that mouse!”  LOL, so we took the whole container out to the barn and let the cats have “mouse a petit” .  So the moral of the story, I don’t really know if there is one....

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