Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barbie Secrets in the Kitchen

So I've garnered some tricks in the kitchen and just thought I'd share, if you have some feel free to add  :-)

--When measuring out peanut butter or butter--it always sticks to the measuring cup right?  Unless you rinse the measuring cup with water first--then it just slides right out--and there's not enough water to amount to anything.

-Same goes with measuring honey or molasses--I always heat up the tablespoon or teaspoon, the heat just makes the honey/molasses just slide right off.

-Not spraying metal pans with Pam. I heard this one at one of those home shows where there's the crazy person with a headset trying to sell knives or coffee cleaners or shammy clothes, etc, well this one said that there's something in the Aerosol that reacts in the oven and creates the orange funk that gets on metal pans after they've been used for a while.  Well I don't know if its totally true or not, but I haven't done it since, and my pans are in great shape.  I just spray a paper towel then swipe it in the pan.

-The easiest way to clean a microwave?  Put a cup of vinegar in a glass measuring cup, heat on high for 90 seconds or so, let the microwave sit in the vinegar steaminess for a while, then when you go in there with a sponge all the crazy funk just comes right off.

I'm sure there are others, but that's some  :-)


  1. Good tips indeed! The peanut butter one especially, wondering if it would also work for shortening.

    Speaking of vinegar, if there's something truly funky going on in the air, say a burned dish or a sick animal, etc, before breaking out a scented candle I try to simmer some vinegar and water on the stove. That, plus cleaning of course, zaps anything that smells weird.

    Love this, please post more!

  2. Here's one. The water in he measuring cup works for measuring out oil, also. Another one is if you have a pan with food that is stuck on, then put hot water and dish soap on the stove and gently heat. The heat helps the soap clean off the food.

  3. Another one is if you have food stuck on a frying pan: grease, eggs or anything that is stubborn put a fabric softener sheet with warm water in the pan for 5 minutes. You can use the sheet to wipe it out. Works every time and never scratches your pans! ;)

  4. Oh, I like that microwave one!!! I'll have to try it out!!