Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is Hospitality?

So one of the areas that we (J and I) are blessed with is that we both have a heart of hospitality.  If someone shows up at our door at dinner time, J will offer them a beer, and I will set an extra plate at the table, no big worries, no big adjustments.  We both have this our home is your home policy, and welcome guests anytime.  On New Year's Eve, more than one person was surprised to see us out, and asked "You guys aren't having a big party?"  LOL.  We love to host parties and have people over--friends, family, friends of friends, neither of us care.  It's amazing and a blessing that we both have the same "entertainment" style.  It would be different if one of us didn't like having our home interrupted by friends, dogs, hunters, neighbors, etc.  To us hospitality is sharing what we have and always having an open door.

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  1. Good for you. There is a ton written about hospitality being a sign of Christ.