Monday, January 23, 2012

Great Finds

So J and I have very varied interests--hello Whitetail Nation on Outdoor Channel vs Sex and the City reruns, but there is one fun thing we like to do together--antiquing!  We both love to go to random flea markets and antique malls and look for great finds.  True, I stop at vintage clothes and he notices the sausage stuffing machine (I totally missed that--I still don't know what one looks like, but apparently it is the perfect addition to his meat grinder and food saver), but we both love it!  And we're great shopping partners too--we don't have to be Velcro and stay together the whole time, we both wander around, finding each other randomly to point out our great finds.  And yes, J does look at some of my vintage choices with a questionable uh-huh...until he sees the whole outfit put together, then is like, oh yeah that works.  Case in point--I found this fabulous red 60's dress with bell sleeves and a Chinese collar that came to mid thigh.  I'm thinking--so cute, boots, long pendant necklace...I'm so channeling my inner Joan Holloway.  J is saying I can't believe you're trying on something in the middle of the flea market booth...oh well.  Its fabulous!  Can't wait to wear it!  The label is Gay Gibson, which according to the Vintage Fashion Guild was from KC--just like me!  Vintage Fashion Guild-Gay Gibson.  Oh well, cheers!