Saturday, January 21, 2012

Basic Life Skills

So I was reading this article online by Ms. Suzanne Perez Tobias Link, and thought it was a great article and thought I'd share (and add my own 2 cents).  Plus I've had some encounters lately with the not-so-with-it folks and really just want to vent on it.

--Forms--everyone should know how to fill out a job application, bank loan, W-4, and a 1040EZ.  If you are old enough to be making money honey, you are old enough to figure out how to fill out a W-4!  And unless your mommy and daddy accompany you all through life, you will have to figure it out sometime.  A big THANK-YOU to Field Kindley High School Consumer Economics that it was a requirement to fill out a 1040EZ.  I have done my own taxes my entire life, and it boggles my mind those people that rely on others to help them fill out basic forms. 

--Reconcile a bank account (now whether you choose to or just look at your statement is your own business), but when a transaction says "cleared" you should know what that means.  And know what the routing number vs the account number is on the check.

--Phone etiquette.  As in "I need speak with someone regarding "insert issue" please."  Or leaving a voicemail with the needed information "Name, number I can be reached at, I called regarding blah."  Instead of just voice-vomiting to the person who answers the phone, or voicemail. 

Ok, I'll step down off of my soapbox...and I'm sorry if I offend anyone with my rants--just my thoughts  :-)


  1. My new phrase is "Are they new at life?" :)

  2. I hear you! It continually amazes and frustrates me when I work with college students who can't fill out a simple form in school. This is because their parents always did it for them. I know that their parents were probably trying to help, but ultimately it has hurt the child. I've known parents who wanted to go on the job interview for their child because they didn't think their child would know how to negotiate the best job offer. Arghh!!!!

    As for taxes...I did my own taxes for years. Now, with mortgage interest, rental property, etc., it makes more sense and has saved a lot of money by realziing that the tax laws are so complicated, that hiring a tax accountant is well worth the money.

    Phones--Good phone etiquette is becoming a lost art.

  3. I love the article and I would like for someone to teach me how to fold a non-fitted sheet. I am 30 and still can't figure that darn thing out. LOL Odd but hilariously true!