Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Good Book and A Great Bag!

So I think I've mentioned I love to read...and that my favorite author is Daphne du good!  If you haven't read any of her stuff, let me know, I can lend you one--they are fabulous!  But anywhos, a book came out that said "written in the style of Daphne in Rebecca".  Oh I'm hooked, sign me up!  So I picked up a copy of The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson and was not disappointed.  She is definitely a fan of du Maurier's and writes similar to how she did.  The book is very good and I do recommend it.  It doesn't hold a "Lantern"  LOL to Rebecca, but its worth reading.

And I got a fabulous book bag from my sister in law, you can read her blog (and see pics of her adorable children) at ChasingCherubim, seriously they have some cute kids! Anyways, she got my name in the stocking exchange, and this is what she got me (along with other things):

Isn't that the cutest logo you've ever seen?  I love how the lime in the martini glass is a little barn.  The saying is perfect, the whole thing is just I just need it on a shirt, bumper sticker, fat pants, letterhead, etc, etc.  LOL

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  1. Cute, cute, cute. Finding a new, terrific author is a gift all it's own!