Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

So you know when you wake up in the middle of the night and you have that feeling, like there’s something new, there’s something there that was there before, you and your husband are both aware of it.  That’s right folks—we have a mouse!  So we keep little Jose’s food in our room above his kennel.  I wake up a little after 3 hearing the tearing of paper, and immediately think a mouse is stealing my lil man’s food!  Grab the flashlight, shine it and sure enough out skampers this little mouse. J is like WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!  HOW DID YOU HEAR THAT?!!  I say there’s a mouse in our house!!  So much for the idea that the snakes in the basement keep the mice away!  So the mouse skampers off and I go lay back down, only to hear the little pitter patter of the mouse feet (we have wood floors) up and down the hallway.  He was trying to get in the laundry room where Gunnar’s food is!  Oof!  Out I hop again with the flashlight chasing this little guy down.  He runs away…only to come back into our room again going after Jose’s food!  This guy is determined!  So I take the bag (it was unopened) and dump the whole thing in a Rubbermaid, hoping it will go downstairs and leave us alone.  Nope!  I could hear him up and down the hallway, climbing on the kennel, knocking over the measuring cup for Jose’s food, skimpering here, skimpering there, climp, climp, climp, scratch, scratch, scratch, knaw, knaw, etc.  Ugh!  I wish I had J’s tractor ears sometimes!  The soundtrack of “A Mouse Goes to the Farm” was not restful or sleep-inducing. 
So I let Jose out this morning, and there is Catman looking up at me like “Momma I know there’s a delicious little mouse in the house—let me in, let me in”…don’t worry Catman—once this little mouse is in a nice trap—it will be bon appetit for you  J


  1. Let the cat in and you won't need a trap!
    (you have snakes in the basement????)

  2. Yuck! I do not like a mouse in my house. And snakes are a no-no. Good luck with getting rid of both!