Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snakes on Plane Doesn't have Sh*t On the Snakes in Our Basement

So yes, we have snakes in the basement.  J told me he did before I moved out here to BFE, but I thought he was joking....well, the joke was on me.  The first real memory I can have of a snake visitation on the farm was after I had moved here, I was pulling up weeds around the house (J was not quite the "keep weeds down around the house" person--I just don't think he sees it--I'm positive he doesn't see it--and he's better with acres than a yard, if there were weeds in a 60 acre field of soybeans--he would notice and be calling up the Coop to come have them take care of it, little weeds around the house not so much) so out I am pulling weeds, and of course its a Sunday and he's a work, and what should appear--a big black snake!  I don't know who was more scared me or the snake.  I'm sure the snake had just been chilling in these weeds that were growing along the house for a while, and I was disturbing his little home.  And it just so happened that J's Dad was up, so I run out to the barn and am like T--there's a snake!  I did not know at that time that he wasn't a big fan of snakes either.  But he played my knight in shining armor with a pitchfork and hauled it out to the cornfield. 

The basement snakes are a little different and thankfully they are smaller.  There are blue racers (they tend to get a little pissy when you disturb them), garter snakes, some other kinds, really I don't look at them for too long.  I just do not like them at all.  They're sneaky and slither around when you least expect it.  Like when I'm home alone and have to go to the basement to get something out of the freezer.  Ugh.  Nothing like walking down and hearing the tshhhhh sound of a snake.  When its high snake season I won't even go down there, I make J go down and stock me up with all kinds of meat so I don't have to go down.  And of course he says it keeps the mice down....I have yet to see a snake with a little distended belly showing they ate something...hmph!


  1. I do NOT like snakes either. If they were keeping the in-house mouse population down, you wouldn't hear the putter-patter as in your previous blog. Can you move the freezer upstairs? I wouldn't want to go dwn to put stuff in the freezer. Have you googled ways to get rid of snakes? There must be something attracting them since they stay.

  2. I have the creepy crawlies now! Why did I read this post? I am dang near phobic of snakes, like I can't even stand to see them on TV. In DairyCarrie land snakes are mythical, like unicorns and dragons and big foot. It's how I get through the day.