Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Grass is Greener on the other Side of Butler Road

So one of our neighbor’s is also a farmer (shocker right?), he lives about ½ a mile away from us, and is about 60 or so.  Lets call him Wilbur.  Well I don’t know if I would classify Wilbur and my hubby as friends…but they do have some weird keeping up with the Jones’ habits.  If Wilbur sees J out washing his combine, well then you see him jump into his truck, pull out the combine, and what do you know it’s a great day to power wash the combine.  If J sees Wilbur cutting soybeans, well hell, I can’t look bad, I better go cut down south, he says.  The other day we were driving and I don’t know where J had been, but the tires were just throwing mud, leaving a nice little Hansel and Gretel trail….guess who else had a dirt trail?  I said where have you been?  He laughs, I guess the same place Wilbur’s been.  LOL.    Does anybody's else husband have one of these keeping up with Joneses friends--farmer style? 

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  1. This article made me chuckle a lot as I experience this with C all the time. If he mows the lawn in less than 5 minutes the other neighbors come out to mow. If he snow plows it will take less than a few minutes and they all come out like ants in an ant hole.

    It’s not just lawn care that they compete with it is regarding toys as well. I use the term 'keeping up with the Jones' however in this case it is keeping up with the Treacy's. When he got a projector our neighbor went out and got one, then my personal trainer got one. LOL it never ends. He does copy other guys as well, so I never know what type of toy he will come home with or when.