Sunday, November 27, 2011

Free Entertainment

So yesterday we had all of my side of the family out to the farm.  It was great!  I love being able to host and have people over and hearing the house full of all the sounds of crazy family.  (My family is loud, somewhat obnoxious, and always cracking jokes--and I love them).  But anywhos, Dennis and his 3 friends (yes he has another friend--he is POPULAR!  All the other little calves what to hang out with him), of course decided to trot through the yard and say hello to our guests.  I did holler out the porch at them one time and they moved around (my sis really couldn't believe that they knew my voice and the name Dennis) the barn....but came back around....and ended up in the front yard.  Oh boy.  I think all the cars in the circle drive kind of scared them, because they started running towards the road!!!  They never do that (at least that I've seen), so I run out there, and they're scurrying down the ditch, at a standstill because there's a culvert full of water.   They see me and start heading back the other way towards the house, BUT instead of following the fenceline, they head across our yard out back.  And I'm stuck doing the hokey-pokey with 4 calves in our front yard...did I mention there's a huge window in our living room?  Yeah, my whole family is standing in the picture window laughing and pointing...and taking pictures.  They've decided my Native American name is "She Who Runs With Cows".  Here's what they saw:

Oh no you don't....

Oh yeah--crazy lady, watch this!

Schwoo!  It's a good thing I'm in shape!  (That's Dennis in the front)

I told J I really need a hot pink 4-wheeler that would match my mud boots!  Wouldn't the cows love that!  LOL

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  1. And I thought this was some form of aerobic exercise. Maybe instead of Zumba it could be called Moo-mba!

    I can't wait to see the hot pink 4-wheeler!