Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'd Like to Make a Citizen's Arrest....

Daylight savings time has done it again!  Stolen my time!!! LOL.  No really though, I don't know whether its because I got a new job a couple of months ago, the leaving home when its dark and getting home when its dark, I don't know, but I feel like my time is just disappearing...and I'm blaming DST.

I did get a new job a couple of months ago, now I work full-time instead of part-time.  The PT job was never meant to be PT, just ended up that way.  It did work out because over the summer I was able to have another PT job...farmhand, LOL.  I was able to get some of those "to do list" projects done while J was at work.  While I do love working full-time, I do miss those hours (or heck I would settle for 1 hour) of just being in the house alone and working on my own timeline, instead of: get home, cook dinner, do laundry, get ready for work tomorrow, do chores, oh crap its time for bed already.  Kind of like the Sex and the City episode where Aiden has just moved in with Carrie and, she's like "stop with the questions, I need some downtime.'  How can so much of my life relate back to a SATC episode anyway?  LOL.

DST doesn't help this either, or the fact that the first few days afterwards were rainy and dreary--yuck.  But leaving when the porchlight is on, and returning and the porchlight is still on, is different...and its stealing my time.

Oh well, such is life  :-)

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  1. I totally agree with you especially the evening part. When I come home and it's dark I feel like my body is saying, "Time for bed." Plus, I feel like I haven't had a "day" to enjoy. I like to be able to look out my windows and see the trees, the rolling hills or whatever for awhile when I get home. When it's dark I feel view deprived and nature deprived. I realize that in winter the days are shorter but leave me some daylight when I get home!