Thursday, November 24, 2011

Full of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My family has this tradition of going around in a circle after we've prayed and saying what we're thankful for.  This year I would have quite the list, here goes:

-J--he is the most steadfast person I know.  He handles my craziness like a pro and loves me unconditionally.

-my Mom--she reads my blog every time (and normally comments), she is supportive of my wild ideas, even if they differ from her own.

-my BFF's A & K---they are 2 amazing women that I could tell anything to, and they wouldn't judge me, and would always listen.  And if I'm going to hell, they would be in the hot air balloon with me--LOL.

-my crazy life on the farm--everyday I am amazed by the circle of life that I am privy too living on a farm.

-all my family and friends who fill my life.

-and to God who has made all things possible  :-)

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it wonderful to have so many things to be thankful for? Plus, I'm nuts about your blog.