Monday, November 14, 2011

The Fight With Germs

So I'm not one of those women that carries Bath and Body hand sanitizer with me- sanitizing after I've shaken someone's hand or been to Walmart or any other various activities when I've seen those little bottles whipped out.  And I think it makes my immune system stronger.  Plus I live on a farm, where there are germs everywhere.  (I'm not saying that my house is gross or filthy either, just have a practical approach to how much am I really going to get clean.)  Look at guys, do you see guys with little sanitizer bottles on their belt, diligently squirting after they've peed behind a tree.  Lol, I don't think so.  I consider it lucky if the guys will wash their hands when they come in from doing whatever they've been doing.  Has society (or Bath and Body Works) created this fear of any germs, that is inherently making immune systems ineffective?  What quantity of germs is good to build up tolerance?  Have we bleached our immune systems by sanitizing?  Hmmmm.

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  1. I keep sanitizer in the car for things like washing up after eating in the car or filling the car up with gas. Germs are everywhere and unless we want to keep our hands dipped in sanitizer all the time, it is kind of pointless. For instance, is it safer to hold on to a stair railing, realizing that other hands have touch the same railing, or descend or ascend the stairs without holding and dramatically increase the chance of falling down the stairs and breaking your neck? They say one of the germiest things is the ketchup bottle at a restaurant but wouldn't it be kind of crazy to sanitize your hands every time we grabbed the ketcup bottle and squeezed the stuff onto our fries? We would never get anything eaten.