Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gunfight at OK Corral

So I conquered by fear of the 4-wheeler and got out and rounded up some calves that had gotten out--I don't know who was more or the calves.  Looking out I knew it was Dennis and friends (he has 2 friends now--he is popular!)...our neighbors have some volunteer winter wheat, and they just think its theirs.  So out I head on the 4-wheeler, pink boots flying, and yell at the calves.  I get them running and have them cornered, so I open the gate and swing around to get them in.  Well I didn't want to face them head on, so I looped around the horse barn and came down the narrow-way between the two corrals...Its just me and the calves now.  Its the gunfight at the OK corral.  As in--OK who's going to get in?  LOL.  2 of them make it in...I'll give you one guess which calf did not go in.

As I'm rounding them up, the other cows stare at me from the corral:

They're looking at me like I'm entertainment instead of actually's my version of what they're saying:

"Now Myrtle look at her go, she's on that machine."

"I know, this ought to be good.  Do you think she'll get Clarice's boy in?"

"Oh that Dennis, he's such a wayward little man, always looking for greener grass somewhere."

"I know ya'll aren't talkin bout my boy Dennis are you?  He is such a fine man...look at him run, he's just a young stallion.  You two hussies better quiet it down over there."

"Now Clarice, you know we weren't talking bad about Dennis.  We just love to watch that crazy woman try and catch him."

"Oh here she goes again, I'll bet you 2 cubes that she gets him in."

"I'll take that bet Myrtle, my boy is stubborn and hard-headed just like his Daddy, 3 cubes says she doesn't get him in, machine or no."

Well I didn't get Dennis in...and the 4-wheeler ran out of gas.   Oops!

And here's Dennis, still searching for greener pasture...sigh.

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  1. You need to publish this stuff in a book. It's a riot. Anyone reading this could picture it in their head and laugh.