Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wheat Harvest

So its that time of year when farmwives everywhere say goodbye to their husbands for the next 5 months...yep its summertime..and its kicked off with wheat harvest.  If you live in Kansas and are unsure of when wheat harvest starts, here are the top 10 Ways to Tell if Wheat Harvest Has Started:

10.  There is a traffic jam in front of the elevator.
9.  The country night sky is suddenly full of light, however that light is headlights from combines.
8.  A semi with a combine on a trailer, pulling a grain truck, pulling a grain cart doesn't seem odd, you've already passed 4 such conglomerates in a 10 mile stretch.
7.  A grain truck with a 1933 engine, 1925 truck bed, and 1968 clutch is stuck on main street, because the 12 year old driving it forgot that to go from 3rd gear to 4th, doesn't need the clutch, but from 4th to 5th does.
6.  Talk of how many bushels and test weight is talked about not only in coffee shops, but hair salons, gyms, and playgrounds.
5.  Gatorade and beer sales go up exponentially.
4.  You suddenly get a call from your cousins-3rd cousin once removed asking if you can drive a stick shift and are free for the next 5 days.
3.  You hear of some weird ritual involving burying an artifact or doing a hail dance in a wheat field saving it from hail and the person saying it doesn't think its odd at all.
2.  You hear of some high school boys taking a stop watch to see who is really faster getting grain from the field to the elevator, and whoever wins gets a case of 3.2 Natty Light.

1.  Everyone, even those not involved in farming, remember that Kansas is still the breadbasket of the world---awwww  :-)

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  1. The above comments seem perfectly logical to me. No surprises there.