Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Say NO to Vectra 3D!

So we took the dogs (both my little angel Jose and J's dog Gunnar--now Gunnar is probably an angel too, but he's so rambunctious his halo never gets a chance to hang perfectly above his golden lab head--lol) to the vet and they gave us some new flea/tick/bug keeper-awayer--Vectra 3D.  Apparently this stuff is the best stuff, and the vet's not even carrying Frontline anymore.  Fine, fine, we'll give it a whirl. 

Last night I head out to give Gunnar his dose, now mind you I did read the instruction packet first--well what there was of it, which was not much.  So of course, in his normal golden lab self, he doesn't really sit still and allow me to apply it well and some gets on my hand.  I go inside and head to give my little man some (I just save a few little drips and give it to Jose) and my hand starts burning.  Hmph--that's weird.  So I pull out the original box and this is what it says:

Crap!!!  I start washing my hands and call the number.  Apparently Vectra is a valued customer at the good ol' poison number.  I get transferred to Human Safety Services and talk to a registered nurse.  She asks what kind of soap I used to wash with, how long the tingly/burning/paralysis sensation lasted, etc, etc.  Apparently there is some ingredient in the product that causes skin paralysis in humans---WTF!!!  Why does it not say on the box--wear gloves!?!?!?  The nurse said the paralysis feeling would go away in a couple of hours and if it didn't go away before I went to bed to call them back.  Why did the vet not say hey---just so you know, wear gloves, something, anything.  We will not be using this product again!

Then I went outside and checked on Tatonka's sister who had been limping and a big black snake jumped out at me.  I'm so done for the day!  It was time to call it quits and definitely time for a drink!!!!


  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up on that product! Also, got to love the farm life of big snakes popping up when they want. LOL That's why I don't live on a farm anymore.

  2. This is scary. I don't see how it can be good for animals and their skin either. Ecch! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just got this on my hand, I washed it with dawn dish soap over and over. I feel a little tingle in a couple fingers but nothing major. I see it's been 5 + years , Did you have any other problems? Thank you!