Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bovine Sex Education

So J's Dad AI's cows...and I'm pretty sure I didn't know how it was done until I actually saw it.  Its kind of one of those images like a car crash that you have to look, but really don't want too, but do anyway.  The cows have been going open (like heat for dogs) and they start to ride each other.  Which I also didn't know that girl cows will ride other girl cows--I thought just the boys rode the girls.  Alas my cow sex-education was at a 3rd grade level and is now about freshman in high school.  So today I see 2 cows trying to get busy and the text to J is something like this:  "b/w face 064 and 713 were getting the lesbian love this morning".  So J's Dad comes over to AI them.  Now, I didn't realize that the person's hand goes up the pooper to feel the uterus and the other hand leads the straw up the hoohoo.  The first time I saw this happen I was what?!?!  No wonder the cow doesn't like it.  Ooof.  J and his Dad think I should learn how since I have smaller arms...huh.  There are some things I just won't do--I'm thinking that's one of them.  Schwoo!


  1. bahahaha...too funny, and I totally agree, hold your ground, cause if you do it once, that will be your job FOREVER!

  2. Hysterical!!!! Lamar had a class to specifically teach how to AI. If you decide to do it (and I'm certainly not suggesting that), it would be an interesting sidebar for your resume. Especially if they don't get the farm part and think you are referring to artificial intelligence.