Sunday, May 6, 2012

There Comes a Time

In every shoe lover's life that the inevitable happens...the shoes get worn so much that they get worn out and must pass on to the shoe haven heaven in the sky.  Now when I lived in KC I had a fabulous cobbler who was of Polish/something East European/accent unidentifiable who would mend my shoes for me  (and yes there's a Sex in the City episode almost exactly like that).  Anyways he would see my poor shoes and mutter something and say I fix--you come tomorrow.  Oh how I loved that strange little man.  However, in Whitewater I'd be more apt to find someone to shoe a horse than fix my shoes.  Alas, these fabulous pair of shoes have lived a good life:

Yes, they are pink and white polk-a-dotted, but so cute!  I found them at a JCPenny outlet probably 7 years ago.  Have taken them on planes (they have their own special linen bag), worn them to a good friend's bachelorette party--she's a great photographer--check out her blog at, worn them to work, out for drinks with jeans and a cute top, the list goes on and on.  Anyway they have shimmied their last....should I have a burial?  LOL


  1. Have you checked shoe repair shops in Wichita? I can check here in Little Rock if that will help. Is there a way to repurpose them. Since they are pink, what about something for Valentine's Day. Maybe make a wreath with several pairs of shoes lined up in a circle heel to heel and toe to toe. Find some other pink and red shoes and there you go! If you really love them, and it sounds like you do, I wouldn't bury them just yet. I'll bet you will find something you can do in one of your craft magazines. And, for the record, they are cute!

  2. I recently saw someone who had taken shoes and made a planter out of them. How would your treasured shoes look with some flowers or pothos growing out of them?