Friday, May 11, 2012

Those Pictures From the Past

So one of my college sorority sisters uploaded a bunch of pics from the past---and they really are quite funny.  Its long enough ago now that the fashion looks kind of bad (hello tshirt sleeves rolled up), and the hair styles have changed several times.  Well one of my other friends saw these pics on facebook, and said, does it bother you people posting the pics and tagging you in them?  It got me to thinking.

I would not trade the experience at Pitt State and being in a sorority for the world.  Was I a "sorority girl" I don't think so.  But the memories of living in the house, doing the crazy stunts, serenading fraternity houses, getting my hair highlighted for the first time, getting talked into doing things I normally would not do, everything about it---I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Besides when I get old and gray what will I have to tell the cows about?  You know it has to be something juicy  :-)

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  1. Photos are so interesting because they are a frozen glimpse of the past. Sort of like a soundbite. The memories they can evoke are reassuring of wonderful memories and a reminder of how far we've come.