Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Adventures of Borus and the Legend of Dennis

One night Borus was just getting to sleep and overheard his Momma and Clarice talking about Dennis.
“Well you know he was just a wayward little calf, always going off on his own adventures.”
“Yes, yes I know the way he would get out and cause everyone problems.” Clarice nodded in agreement, remembering the flurry of activity that would happen when Dennis would sneak outside of the fence and explore the world beyond.
Borus’s little ears perked up, adventures? Get out? He kept his eyes shut, but tilted up his ears to overhear what they were saying.
“He didn’t mean anything by it Clarice, he just wanted to see what the world was about—you know, what’s on the other side of the fence.”
“I know, I know, whatever happened with Foxy Brown?”
“Well I tell you what, I saw her the other day at the beauty salon and.....”
Borus tuned out the chatter of his Momma and rolled over and looked up in the night sky.
Adventure? Other side of the fence? What was on the other side of the fence? All he had ever seen was fence to fence—but what was on the other side.
As he lay in the quiet coolness of night, an idea started to form.
The next day the green machine came and all his friends ran right up to meet it. He ambled over, then slowly but surely backed away and found an opening in the fence and made a getaway.
He looked back at his Momma and she didn’t even notice he was gone, so on and on he ran.

The fields were so luscious and green, some of them even had corn and soybeans in them—it was like heaven.
“Is this Heaven God?” Borus looked up at the sky and not hearing a reply decided it must be and felt very pleased with himself—he had adventure!
As the golden sky turned to a deep navy he realized he had to find a place to sleep, but was used to having his Momma and her friends voices mooing him to sleep.
“Oh well,” he said, “this is adventure!” more to himself than the night sky.
As the stars filled the skies, the sounds of night sounded even louder than he remembered. What was that? Why was it so cold? He shivered to himself. Maybe this “adventure” wasn’t all it was supposed to be. He final rocked himself to sleep, his teeth chattering away, thinking in the morning this adventure really would be great.
“Cock-a-doodle doo!!!!”
Borus shot up, what was that?  Who was there?

In the distance he saw a rooster strutting towards him.

"Boy what are you doing out here by yourself?"  The rooster crowed at him.

"Well I wanted adventure I wanted to see the world, but now I'm not so sure." Borus said back, ashamed to be admitting the fact to anyone, let alone a rooster. 

"Tell you what son, you need to head back to your Momma, I bet she's worried" Rooster said to him,  poking him in a direction back home.

As Borus headed back home, he walked and walked, and finally saw the farm, but all of his friends and his Momma were locked in the corral.

He started running, "Momma--is everything Ok?"

The farmer in the green monster saw him and started running too.  Borus's momma ran to the side of the fence and nose-kissed her little son.

"Where have you been? We were all worried about you."

"Momma, I just wanted adventure, I heard you and Clarice talking about Dennis, I wanted to see what was beyond the fence too." 

"Oh Borus, don't you realize what happens to one of us happens to all of us?  You leaving made us all worry.  Together we are all one family--and when one of us is missing the family isn't complete." 

His momma nudged her little son to look at him.  "Together we are stronger than we ever are on our own."

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  1. Okay, do I have to say what you know I'm thinking again?

    Very sweet and touching. The last line is worth the whole thing.