Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Adventures of Ellie and Scooter

Ellie walked into the corral and saw this bigger, weird looking cow standing across the fence.

“Hey, who are you?” Ellie asked, unsure what to make of the taller cow.

This creature didn’t look like any of her friends.  Her other friends were about her size, in fact some people said her and her group of friends were identical with their nice black fur and oval-shaped eyes.

“My name Scooter!” the long drawl came out of the long face of the horse.  “What are you doing in my pen?”

“Well my friends came over here and we like to hang out together.”  Ellie responded nodding her head to the direction of her buddies.  “My name is Ellie, and that is Molly, Queenie, and Josie.”

“Hi all” came the reply.

“What are you—you seem kind of big for a cow.”  Ellie poked her nose up at Scooter, giving him a smell, “And you really don’t smell like a cow.”

“I’m a horse—haven’t you ever seen one before?”  He replied, astonished that Ellie had never seen a horse.

“Well no, all my friends are cows.  We do everything together- go out to eat, get our ears pierced together, keep each other company, talk about the old cows, ya know, everything together."

Scooter listened to her chatter, head nodding at appropriate times.  "Don't you have any other friends?"  He asked.

"Well no, just my girls over there, why do I need other friends?"  Ellie was getting inpatient with all the questions, and could see her friends whispering behind her.

"Do you like to eat only grass?"  Scooter asked, "Or do you like to eat corn, alfalfa, and milo, too."

"Oh that sounds so good--we have to head to the feed bin!"  Ellie was getting hungry listening to Scooter talk about all the different foods.

"Friends that are different are good too, ya know."  Scooter said, stomping his foot for emphasis.

"I guess I could be friends with you...but what about my other friends?"  Ellie asked; looking at her group of friends.

"Why don't you bring them over here, and we can all be friends?"  Scooter said.  "We all live here together on this same farm, we should all be friends."

Ellie nodded and looked up at Scooter gave him a head hug, and thought, we are all here together, just because we're different doesn't mean we can't be friends.

*Note: I really saw this happen--one of the heifers and Scoot leaned over the fence and gave each other an eskimo kiss--it was so cute!  What can I say the animals inspire me?

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