Saturday, May 19, 2012

Antique Horseshoe?

So the other day, as we were moving heifers around, I noticed a shiny piece of metal in Scoot's (our horse) pen.  I start digging around and its really stuck, so I ask J for some pliers or pocketknife and dig it up...and here's what it was:

Has anyone ever seen a shoe like this before?  I have scoured the internet to try and find something like it and to no avail.  In my wildest dreams its worth thousands of actuality its probably just an interesting piece of metal.  Anyways if anyone can identify it, I would appreciate it  :-)


  1. There is a family of magazines that includes Country Woman Taste of Home and others. Those magazines have a column where people can send photos in and professionals help to identify what the stuff is. You might try that. It looks lik a horseshoe but there must be something special about because it is so different. If it's worth million, please remember your ol' ma!

  2. The "spikes" are clips to help hold it to the hoof. It looks like it might have been nailed to the hoof as well. As far as the extension out the back, I'm not sure. It might work similar to sliding shoes used in reigning, which almost work like skiis to help the horse slide when he comes to a stop. "Sliders," however extend at each heel and just make the "U" shape more extended. This extends the whole heel of the hoof.

  3. To me it looks like a modification for a cut tendon. I have done similar type shoes for that malady.