Monday, May 21, 2012

The Adventures of Claribel and Clarice

Claribel stepped off the trailer and the she gazed into the pen, trying to take in all the new sights.  This place was different than when she lived with Momma.

There's was a cow at the end of the pen, that was looking at her with big kind eyes.

"You must be Claribel, you look so much like your Momma!" The older cow walked up to her and smiled.

"What is this place, and who are you?"  Claribel asked kind of frightened, so much had happened since Momma had gotten sick.

"Oh honey, you have nothing to be afraid of" Clarice said, noticing her frightened wobbly legs.  "This is a good, safe place.  The grass is green, the other cows are so nice, I'm sure you'll like it here, this is your new home."

"My name is Clarice, I knew your Momma very well" she continued, starting to saunter away, coaxing Claribel to walk along with her.

"I miss her so much!" Claribel said, her little almond eyes filling up with tears and streaking her little fuzzy face.  "Things will never be the same!"

Clarice nudged her and cuddled her into her side and said "Oh honey, I know things won't be the same, but you will make it through this, I just know it."

Claribel settled into the side of the older cow and looked up at the blue, blue sky, and wondered how things could ever be the same. 

"I tell you what, Claribel, you know what will keep the memory of your Momma alive in your heart?" Clarice looked down smiling.

Sniffle, sniffle, "What?" Claribel hiccuped.

"Close your eyes, sweetie" Clarice quietly said.

Claribel gently closed her big brown eyes and listened to the soft cadence of Clarice's voice.

"I want you to remember a time when your Momma was healthy and you two had a special thing you would do together."

Claribel thought in her mind about Momma's big smile and even bigger hugs, and then remembered what Momma had said about the wind. 

Claribel looked up at Clarice and said "Momma said that when I could feel the wind, it was just like a kiss, and that whenever I felt the wind on my face--it was a kiss from her, whether I could see her or not."

Clarice nodded, knowing that story, and knowing why Claribel's Momma had told it to her.

"Well now Claribel, it seems like your Momma will always be with you."

Claribel lifted her nose to the sky and felt the wind on her face and smiled--yes everything would be alright.

Clarice gave her one final lick, and said "Now its time for you to go play--over there you will find Lewis, Tini, and Borus, but I'll be right here---there's nothing to fear, I will be here."

Claribel nodded and headed off to play, and looked back and sure enough Clarice was right there watching her.  She lifted her head to the sky and felt the wind on her face, and thought everything will be ok, and this will be my new home.

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  1. Oh, come on! Either stop writing this stuff or get it published and make some money off of other's tears.