Friday, April 27, 2012

I love my ______ Life

So Redbook magazine does this thing, where they ask the cover person to write in a blank "I love my ___ life" and that's put on a shirt.  Its neat to read what people put in that blank--crazy, hectic, family, etc, etc.  As I woke up yesterday and went and did chores I thought I love my farm life.  It was that perfect time of the morning 6:30, the air was crisp, the sun brushing through the tree line, and the sounds of the farm waking up.  I walked out to one barn saying good morning chickens, good morning cows, good morning Hugh, good morning everybody!  And all the little creatures perked their little ears up and looked over at me.  One of the little monsters (the cats that came from Lil Shit) came out from wherever she was hiding, and said a good morning purrllllooo.  Queenie and Girl Tatonka came and said hello.  Then Scoot stamped his little foot, I hadn't said hello to him yet.  It was just one of those moments, that took my breath away and made me realize how much I love my farm life.  All the creatures know me (or at least my voice) and I know them and their little weird temperaments.  Hmmm. 

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  1. Glad you love your farm life. It's a wonderful feeling to be content. For me, it would be, "I love my discovering life." I'm always learning something new.