Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

So the past few weeks have been the time for spring cleaning around our house; well at least for me--I think J tries to secretly be "busy" when he knows I'm doing it.  Or maybe he just knows its best to get out of my way when I'm on a mission--LOL.  I do spring cleaning room by room, and this year I worked my way from the back of our house to the front.  Well this last weekend was the living room and it has by far the worst spider-webs along the ceiling.  So I was cleaning the walls (BTW--how do walls get dirty? anyways...) and thought I need something to reach up and get the webs--I really didn't want to haul a chair around the entire perimeter of the living room to get them down.  So I started wandering around the house looking for something light and long I could use to clean with.  What do you know that I found--my cow stick!  Bam!  When I bought Gertie the good folks at Oleen brothers gave me a cow-sorting stick and it was sitting by the front door.  Well I just plunked a couple of J's holey socks on the end and went to town--it worked great.  Was it the intended use of the cow-sorter stick?  Probably not, but let me tell ya--it worked great.  Here's a pic:

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  1. Necessity has always been the mother of invention. I use the extension attachment on the vacuum cleaner. I hate corner spiderwebs. And they can come back so quickly. Eek! I also wonder how walls can get so dirty. I wonder if the humidity asks as an adhesive and "glues" the dust to the walls. Interesting that the spiderwebs are so much worse in the living room. I guess the spiders like to "live" there.