Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Adventures of Milkshake and Momma

"Momma, Lewis and Tini said I was different!"  Milkshake ran-galloped over to his Momma who was sunbathing in the field.

"Milkshake, you must slow down when you talk, child, its a gorgeous afternoon and me and Clarice are enjoying our sunbathing day.  Now what it is child of mine?" 

"Well Lewis and Tini were making fun of me...they said I was weird because I had a speckled face.  They said nobody would ever want a calf that wasn't black and beautiful like they are."  Milkshake hung his little head.  The black and white speckles almost turning a slight shade of pink.

"Whatever do you mean Milkshake, you are beautiful little calf!"  Millie said standing up to go lick her son that was obviously disturbed.

"But Momma, I'm not like you am I?  Do I look different than you Momma?"

Millie thought for a second, then knew the perfect solution to show her son that he was one of God's perfect creatures.

"Come here son, let's take a field trip."  Millie led her son down the field and to the creek.

"But Momma, I'm not thirsty!"  Milkshake stopped his hoof, frustrated that his Momma was not understanding the importance of what he was trying to say.

"Son, we're not here to drink water, just come over here and stay still for just a minute."  She half whispered, knowing he would lean in closer to hear what she had to say.

"Now Milkshake look at the water and tell me what you see."  Millie gentled nudged her son closer to the bank to get a look.

Milkshake leaned over the bank and saw a calf with a speckled face.  He stuck his tongue out and the calf stuck his tongue out too.  He shook his head and the calf in the water shook his head.

"Momma is this a trick, who's the calf in the water?"

Millie ambled over and said, "That's you son, and that's me"

"Ohhhh!" he leaned closer and looked at his speckles and thought they weren't bad at all..in fact they were kind of cool!  He hadn't seen any other calf with the kind of speckles he had--and they were awesome! 

"Momma, I'm not weird, I'm cool--the speckles make me cool!"  Milkshake started jumping around excitedly.  "I got to go tell everybody--bye Momma!"  He hurried off to tell his friends about his cool speckles.

Millie ambled back over to Clarice and joined her basking in the sun.

"You did the right thing for that son of yours Millie"  Clarice smiled up to the sun, nodding at her friend.

"Well he might not be perfect, but he is perfect to me"  Millie smiled back.


  1. Seriously, Christi, you need to write children's books. They can be your real life adventures with the cows. They always have such a positive message - it makes me want to read them to kids in my life. Or, better yet, that I had them to read to Alix when she was little. To read about cows and farm life would have been much better than most of the stuff I had to choose from!!!
    Start a journal so you can take it to a publisher one of these days!!!!!

  2. Ditto to Sonya. Haven't I been telling you this for some time? See, it's not just your momma saying this. Hummph!

  3. Thank-you to both of you :-) Sometimes I just get inspired by my little creatures :-)