Saturday, April 14, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses--Literally :-)

So J knows I LOVE lilacs, LOVE lilacs!  The smell of them wafting through the house to me signals spring and I love it.  Well last year he bought me a lilac bush and this year it budded out  :-)  Its still a little guy--but it will grow  :-)

Then these little purple bell type flowers that we transplanted came up and they are so pretty!  If anyone knows what they are let me know  :-)

And of course the rose bushes are doing fabulous!  We have 4 bushes and I know there are at least 2 different varieties--beyond that I'm lost, I just think they  are pretty  :-)

Now its time to get on the garden  :-)  Of course that's not as fun or pretty, but useful  :-)

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  1. I love lilacs, too. Do you remember the huge lilac bush on the farm? There was one year in particular that the bush was super-loaded and every time we stepped outside the fragrance would wash over you. We all stood with our noses in the air sniffing. When we lived in Chadron lilacs were everywhere in the spring; they love cooler climates and don't do well at all in warmer climates. Anyway, the entire town smelled like violets. There would be entire city blocks with walls of violets. Taking a walk was a "nose"-ful of fragrance.

    As for roses...yes, yes, yes. We planted 10 bushes last week. All of them red to bring a nice contrast to our white house. They are so great because they just keep blooming all summer.