Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Adventures of Lewis and Quiktrip

"Mama why are we over here?"  Lewis asked, looking up at his Momma Louise.  They were moved to the corral and all Lewis could see was fence, fence, and more fence.

"Well, honey, Momma is sick and we have to be over here."  Louise coughed and licked Lewis, he was a handsome looking little man.

Lewis looked up at his Momma, her bones were protruding and her voice sounded raspy.  He knew he couldn't be weak either, but had to be least for Momma.

"Momma, look my friends are coming over to say hi!"  Lewis tried to sound optimistic and excited.

"Quiktrip, Milkshake, and even Tini are coming over."  Lewis hopped along, hoping a smile would cross his Momma's lips and make her feel better.

"Well..cough..cough...that's wonderful Lewis--you go and play now"  Louise settled down in the corral, her voice just above a whisper.

Lewis looked over at this Momma, and looked at all of his friends pressed up against the fence wondering what was going on.

"Lewis, is your Momma ok?"  Quiktrip asked in a hushed whisper.

"Yeah she doesn't look so good," Tini quickly agreed.

"Hey!  Do you think its going to make her feel any better if we stand over here and talk about her?!"  Lewis said, bending his little nose to the ground making his point.

Quiktrip, bent her head low, then snapped to "What if we ran around and made her want to run around--would that make her happy?"

She looked back between Tini and Lewis, thinking...just maybe if we act excited...maybe Lewis' mom will get excited to...or maybe just bring a smile to her face.

"I know, we can run around like we're playing a game--then all start laughing...that will have to make her laugh!"

Louise watched the exchange by the corral fence, wondering if she had the energy to stand and see what they were doing.  She looked over and thought, no sitting here is just fine.

"We'll see who can race to that post over there and back!"  Quiktrip exclaimed!  "We'll run right in front of your Momma Lewis!"

"On your mark, get set, go!"  Lewis excitedly exclaimed, half-racing his friends, half-looking at his Momma.

Sure enough, Louise saw her little man racing, and got to her feet and started to feel a little better without even knowing it.

"Go Lewis--you can do it!"  She exclaimed!

The three calves raced back, and Tini and Quicktrip let Lewis win.

"Momma--you're up! and looking better!" 

"Good race Lewis," both Tini and Quiktrip winked. 

"Lewis, you did good son."  Louise beamed at her little man, feeling a slight better.  "Maybe we will get out of this hospital corral."

"I hope so Momma.  I still love you Momma, and I'll be here always."  Lewis felt like a big man, smiling up at his Momma.

"Yes Lewis, we will be together--always."

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I know you're saying, "Moooommmm." It has all the elements of an upcoming tearjerker with foreshadowing, poignancy and emotion. Well written; good job.