Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Would You Grab?

So along with the storms this weekend, it brought up the age-old question, if a tornado comes what do you grab before you head to the basement?  Hmmm.  Now part of me thought the weather-forecasters were just blowing it all up and way out of proportion having storm coverage for hours and hours on end.  The other part of me said—can we even hear the tornado sirens out here?  Hmm.  So I did start putting somethings in the safe in case the house ended up a ‘la Wizard of Oz style.  In went some photos, our wedding DVD, and some thumb drives that had pictures on them.  Our legal documents were already in there, so that’s a bonus.  But what goes in the line to the basement?  Hmm.  Now J, just said you and the little men (our dogs).   So I put my French Horn (besides my wedding ring—it’s the most valuable thing I own) and my purse and some clean underwear, socks, and shoes.   Who would want to have their house blown away and no clean undies—maybe I just overthink things.  LOL.  So what other things would you grab?  Family Bible?  Jewelry?  Heirlooms?  Hmm

Here's a pic of my lil man (no the beer isn't his--LOL)!

How can you say no to that little face?  Aww!

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  1. This question came up at the Newlywed Game at A & K's wedding shower. If my family and animals were accounted for, I would grab my x-stitched nativity set and the stable built so lovingly by my dad, my guitar. Family photos (people say a complete set of photos should be kept in a safety deposit box), my mother's ring and 50-birthday necklace, daily meds/vitamins, drinking water. After those items were gathered, I would start going room by room looking for specific items that were immensely important to me but didn't make the top tier.

    I feel for those people who lose everything they own. Because so much of what we are is based on our past and our past keepsakes, losing all that would be like having your past ripped out of your heart.