Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fancy Nancy Was a Cow

Fancy Nancy Was a Cow
Fancy Nancy wasn't a sow
Fancy Nancy had a big bump
Then she became a pain in the rump


So I'm out doing my little rounds talking to the critters the other day and see one of J's cows (Nancy) looking funny and not symmetrical--she had a huge bump on the left side of her chuck/shoulder area.  And her brisket area (like the underchin on a woman--that part that just jiggles no matter what you do) was bigger.  Hmmm--that doesn't look normal, and she's just standing there looking like a drunk person trying not to fall over.  I head over to find J, and say I think she has a tumor (in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).  So we head over there, and at first he doesn't see the tumor until she turns around, then oh my!  Yeah that's not normal.  So we call the vet who did the c-section see blog: Florence Nightenhoof; and he comes out the next day.  He takes one look at her and goes, yep she ruptured her blah blah lymph node, we'll have to drain it.   We get her in the shoot, and he makes the cut and out comes all this funk.  Ooh was it funky...eek.  So now she has a hole that will heal but we have to flush out every other day.  I will get a picture of her soon, but what woman wants her picture taken and plastered on the Internet with a swollen underchin???

I have to give props to the vet, Preston Hickman, if you are in the central Kansas area, I highly recommend him.  He doesn't dilly-dally around, he sees the problem, and takes care of it.  And he explains what he's doing in a normal, non-condescending way.  Not like "you mean you didn't know where the upper sciatic lymph node was on a cow?"  But in a real person-to-person we're going to take care of this animal together way.  Totally impressed by him.  Hope we don't need him again for a while, but its good to have that safety net.

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  1. A good vet is worth every penny spent. It's good that you have a good one and I'm sure your critters are happy, too.