Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soybean Harvest

So its time for soybeans to be harvested...and what kind of farmwife would I be if I didn't run out to the field and ride around with J (and take him some beers :-)).

While I was waiting patiently drinking my glass of wine, I look down, and so sad some of the soybean seeds had already popped out of their pod/shell thing.  In the pic they look like white peas....expensive white peas.

Then I see J driving his combine..this is a weird patch of ground that he farms for crazy Karl...maybe that's why the ground is crazy--LOL.

Then J comes and gets me to ride around...mind you its no easy task climbing into a combine with 2 beers and a glass of wine.

But when its all said and done...this is what we get..isn't it pretty--can you smell the money?  Or rather smell the fuel bill/Coop bill/seed guy/fertilizer bill going away...ahhh!


  1. Sounds and looks very satisfying, especially the wine.

  2. Soybeans already! Oh my, we haven't even gotten there yet.

    PS. Love the flippy flops. You are riding in style :)