Monday, September 12, 2011

Rough Ground?

So I really don't mind swathing....except if its planted grass (alfalfa, CRP, etc) or the ground is harder than concrete.  Well lucky us in central Kansas have been in a drought so the ground is uber-hard.  Pair that with planted grass and me and Sally are in for a bumpy ride.  And I mean bumpy!  J is nice enough to warn me whether the field is a 1 or 2 sports bra needed field.  And I'm not even blessed in that department!  One of my other farmwife friends said the same thing "well at least we're both small girls--not that that helps much--LOL."  Its like riding one of those crickety wooden roller coasters over and over and over and over again.  You just hope the ride will come to an end, but then you turn the swather around and see you're only half done.  I would almost rather ride in a combine than in the swather across rough ground.  Schwoo!

I gotta my knees..and ice my drink!  LOL

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