Thursday, September 22, 2011

They Know My Voice

So it struck me tonight when I was walking out to see J working on his planter, that when I walked all the little animals around here ears' perk up--they know Momma is coming.  Especially the cats...

And I should say I've never been a cat fan--kind of allergic, but J had barn cats, so ya know, they're here, I will talk to them.  We have:  Catman--a tomcat who is orange--he's really nice.  He'll disappear for a couple of days, but then return running towards me--ahh!.  Shady-a white girl cat, who's siblings and mother were CRAZY, but she managed to survive.  She's still kind of shady, but much better than she used to be.  Smoke--he's a tomcat (I don't have a pic of him), he's very skittish, and kind of growls at you.  I make a joke and usually growl at him first --RRRRR--LOL.  Then there are my little monsters--my babies.

Their mother, lil sh*t, somebody dropped off at our house about a year ago.  She was just a wee little black kitten, and lil sh*t seemed to stick as a name.  Well in May she had kittens  :-)  They were all so cute!!  Sadly a bunch of them disppeared--she did too.  J in his wonderful steadfastness didn't really say that the other ones would make it.  There were just 3 left and they were so little.  But we all know me (and J--he's a big softie), and I took little milk out there for them and coaxed them along.  I really think its that they had heard my voice even in the womb, talking to lil sh*t :-) 

So they are my little monster babies--3 little cats that look alike.  When they hear or see me they come running, they know their momma is near  :-)

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